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“I was a stranger and ye took me in”

You can read Tao's Tao's story below, it has translated from her own words.


"My name is Tao Tao. I am a religious refugee from China. In 2008, a friend in China introduced me to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and it interested me because I learned of a world with selflessness and love, something I had not known before. The first time I visited a small branch meeting held in someone’s home, I felt the Spirit. I felt peace and calm, nothing like the anger and heartache I had seen in the world. I decided I needed to learn more. At first, I had many doubts. It was hard to pray and hard to have faith, but after a few months of study and thought, I wanted to get baptized. I was worried that my family or friends would reject me. I knew that it would be hard to be a Christian in China, where I couldn’t openly practice my faith, but I had faith in my Father and in my Savior. I knew this was the right decision. The day of my baptism in Hong Kong was beautiful, and I felt the Spirit tell me I was following Jesus Christ. In China, I couldn’t tell people about my faith. I couldn’t own a Bible, watch general conference, or meet in a ward. I am living in the United States now, where I can live the gospel openly and learn more about God’s plan for me!


When I first arrived here, I did not know how to find the Church. I did not know the name of the Church in English and I didn’t even know if my new town would have my church. Every Sunday I felt guilty for not attending church and every day I prayed that I would be able to find it. Every time I was in the car, I would look out the window, hoping to see my Church as I drove to work. One day, two boys in suits knocked on my door. They said they were missionaries and were my new neighbors. They asked if I would be interested in listening to their message. I told them, “No, thank you. I already have my own church.” But as they were leaving, I saw a Book of Mormon in their hands. I was so excited! This was my church! I tried to explain to them that I also believed in the Book of Mormon. It was hard to communicate because of my limited English, but finally they understood my excitement. The Lord has blessed me to find the Church here in Arkansas and to meet my church family who has loved me and taken care of me. Now I have been to the temple to do baptisms for my ancestors, and earlier this year I went to the temple for my own endowment. I know the Lord has directed my life and I want to take advantage of the opportunities He has given me.


I now serve in my ward as a Nursery leader. Although I do not speak English well, I am so happy to play with the children, to take care of them and make them smile. I want to bring them happiness. I also attend Institute every week to learn more about the scriptures, a program forbidden in China. I have learned a lot, but it is difficult for me keep up with the class because of my limited English, so I just read my Chinese Book of Mormon during class. Even though I only understand simple words, I know I am blessed to have the opportunities to learn and practice my beliefs.


I was raised in a single parent home and had to begin working at an early age to support my mother and grandparents. I always had a dream to attend college, and now my dream is coming true! I want to help others to achieve their goals and I know that I will need an education to do that. My first step is studying English at Utah Valley Community College and then at the BYU English Language Center. I will also be able to attend a Church ward in Mandarin – so I can learn more about the principles of the gospel in my own language! After completing my English study, I plan to enroll in an undergraduate program.


I have seen Heavenly Father’s miracles in my life. My experiences have motivated me to learn more and to help other people feel the love of the Savior in their lives. I want to show Him my love by serving and helping others with my English skills and my education. Thank you for your love and support."


Tao Tao


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