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LDS Scripture Rock Helps Teens Memorize!

LDS Scripture RockHave you been looking for a fun way to motivate your kids to memorize scriptures? LDS Scripture Rock can help! I discovered Jason Beaird's music a few years ago when I was teaching seminary. I found that not only my seminary students, but also my own children loved learning scriptures to music! It made it easy and fun. We listened to our CD in the car and sometimes in family home evening to help all of us memorize together. By the time my children start Seminary, I feel confident that they will be very familiar with the Scripture Mastery Verses.


Brother Beaird's done a fabulous job of setting the Scripture Mastery verses to music that teens and tweens will love. You can hear his music at


Jason Beaird, LDS Scripture RockMeet Jason Beaird, creator of LDS Scripture Rock. Brother Beaird has a passion for helping kids love the scriptures. Here's what he has to say about his music, his life, and the LDS Scripture Rock project:


Why did you start the LDS Scripture Rock project?
“My sister was teaching seminary several years ago and wanted something to help make memorizing scriptures easier. I wrote a few songs for her class and played them for them and they liked them so it all started there.  I hope I've achieved my goal of creating music that is fun and easy to listen to while not detracting from the sacredness of the holy scriptures.  I have a deep love for the word of God and know the powerful force it can be in your life if you keep the scriptures in your mind. Youth already spend so much of their time listening to music – what better lyrics can you find than the scriptures?”


Why do you think the scriptures are important for LDS youth?
“I joined the church when I was 15 and learned the importance of keeping the scriptures in your mind through my youth and college years.  It's been a great joy to be a part of the LDS Scripture Rock project because I've seen it help the lives of many youth.”


When did your interest in music start?

“I started playing the guitar in college at BYU where I was in a band called Running Circles.  We played at the pizza place and put out a CD which sold a measley 100 copies.  My first song was called Future and was about the road ahead and when I would meet my wife.  I wrote several songs for my wife when we were dating and played them at our wedding.  I've also written a song for each of my children about their birth and early childhood.”


What is your favorite LDS Scripture Rock song?
Jason B, LDS Scripture Rock“My favorite LDS Scripture Rock song is Job 19:25-26. Here’s why: Losing my Dad to cancer in 2006 and seeing how disease ravaged his body had a profound effect on me. I found peace and comfort in my firm belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel. The principle of resurrection took on a much deeper meaning as I came upon Job 19:25-26 (For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God) when I was working on the Old Testament scripture songs after losing Dad. I knew the scripture in Job was very sacred and had to be handled carefully. I kept my vocal on this song because it meant so much to me.”

Who are the singers on the CD?
“I used a variety of professional vocalists from the Nashville music scene. Many of them have either toured with top stars or are producing their own CD. None of the other musicians or vocalists who worked on the CD were LDS. This made for some interesting questions and gave me a chance to share the gospel with them a little bit.  After they learned that this would help high school kids who are studying the scriptures every morning, they really were proud to be a part of the project.”

What are your musical influences?
“Growing up in the 80's I loved bands like Depeche Mode, the Cure, REM and U2. Today I like Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, and Sarah Bareilles. I also love to play old folk stuff like James Taylor and Simon and Garfunkel. Since I'm originally from Southeast Texas, I also love country music. In fact, I bought my first guitar after almost winning a Karaoke competition by singing a Garth Brooks song! My band at BYU played Alternative Rock.”


What project are you working on now?

“One thing I'm doing now which I'm excited about is the Worldwide Book of Mormon Video Challenge. Seminary Classes, Youth Groups, and Families are encouraged to produce their own music videos to go along with the Book of Mormon songs from the LDS Scripture Rock CD.  I'm collecting the videos and putting them up on YouTube for everyone to see. This is a great missionary tool for the youth and reminds me of the quote from Pres. Benson about how he sees the Book of Mormon one day emphasized in ways using the music and the arts. Check out more of this here:


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