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Thomas S. MonsonGeneral Conference is coming up! Don't miss the opportunity to introduce your kids to the life of our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.


Thomas S. Monson has always been well known for his selfless service to others. When he was a little boy, young Tommy had a friend who was very poor. Pretty much everyone was poor in those days because of the Great Depression. Still, Tommy knew that his friend’s family was going to eat hot cereal for Christmas dinner because it was all the food they had. He couldn’t bear the thought of a family having hot cereal for Christmas! Tommy had two prize rabbits that he had raised. He took them to his friend. “You can have these,” he said. “It isn’t turkey, but they will make you a good Christmas dinner.”


Sometimes serving others meant physical danger for young Thomas. Once, as a teenager, he was swimming in the Provo River with some friends. Suddenly, he heard people shouting from the shore, “Help, help!” A lady had fallen into the river and was being dragged towards some dangerous whirlpools. “She is going to drown if someone doesn’t help her,” thought Thomas. Quickly, without thinking of his own safety, Thomas swam to her side and carried her back safely to shore. “I was just in the right place at the right time,” he said later.


President Monson was always willing to serve others. He was willing to serve the Lord, too. At just twenty-two years old, he was called as a bishop! He spent many hours visiting the sick in his ward and comforting the widows. He had 1060 members in his ward and he knew them all! At Christmas, he took his vacation time from work and spent it visiting each one of the 85 widows in his ward. He took them each a gift and wished them Merry Christmas!


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