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Get Ready for General Conference!

Help your family prepare to get the most out of it by preparing them to hear the words of the prophet and apostles.


Watch the highlights from October 2014 General Conference:




Use social media to invite friends to view conference:


Deseret News quiz about the Apostles and First Presidency:


Online Games and Resources for Conference

Visit for General Conference coloring pages, bingo game cards, online apostles matching game, or a conference "notebook."


Read about the Childhood of President Monson

Download our free packet about the life of President Monson. This is part of Discover the Latter-day Prophets, a great resource for learning about all our modern prophets.


Latter-day Prophets Workbook

Be sure to check out our Discover the Latter-day Prophets workbook. Help your kids develop a love and respect the prophets in our day as they read stories of their faithful childhoods and lives. Take a sneak peek - you can download a packet on the childhood and life of President Thomas S. Monson now.


Watch the Apostle Song Video

Watch the Apostle Song video to learn the apostles' names. Download our FREE video learning sheet to go along with the "Apostle Song" video.



Apostle Presentation for FHE

Before General Conference, take at least one family home evening to talk about the prophet and apostles. Kids will have fun learning about the life of their favorite apostle and giving a family home evening presentation on what they learned. See our Apostle Presentation page for links and info to help kids create their own FHE presentation. Learn about Elder Neil L. Andersen, our newest apostle with this free packet for kids (and parents!). We also have a learning page about apostles in general.


Apostle Fact Card Game

Help your younger kids learn about the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles with this fun game. Print out our Apostle fact cards. Cut them out and give each family member a few. Take turns reading the clues to the family and try to guess which Apostle it describes. It's lots of fun, and you'll learn all about our Church leaders!


General Conference Activities

Keep kids busy (and listening) to General Conference:







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