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New Apostle Called

Neil L. AndersenElder Neil L. Andersen was called on April 4, 2009 as the newest apostle. Did you know that he speaks four languages, was raised on a farm in Idaho, and served as a mission president in France? Find out more about our newest apostle with our New Apostle Learning Pack.


In the Sunday morning session of General Conference, April 5, 2009, Elder Andersen said, "While we honor those pioneers who walked across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley, there are far more pioneers living today. They don't push handcarts...but they have heard the voice of the Lord through the Book of Mormon, and through their personal prayers." You can learn about those modern pioneers in Discover the Worldwide Church (coming soon to Discover the Scriptures!).


You can listen to Elder Andersen's talk from October 2008 General Conference. In mid-April, you'll be able to access materials from April 2009 conference.


Apostle Presentation for FHE

Apostle Presentation FormGet your kids excited about General Conference by studying the lives of the Apostles in Family Home Evening for the next few weeks! Kids can use to find Friend and New Era articles about the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles. Have them choose their favorite General Authority and prepare a presentation for Family Home Evening or family scripture study.


Download our Family Home Evening Presentation form to help them get organized! Here are some links to get you started:

Special Witness: Getting to Know Boyd K. Packer
L. Tom Perry: Serving With Enthusiasm
Special Witness: Getting to Know Russell M. Nelson
Special Witness: Getting to Know Dallin H. Oaks
Special Witness: Getting to Know M. Russell Ballard
Special Witness: Getting to Know Richard G. Scott
Special Witness: Getting to Know Robert D. Hales
Special Witness: Getting to Know Jeffrey R. Holland
Special Witness: Getting to Know David A. Bednar
Called to Serve: Quentin L. Cook
Friend to Friend: D. Todd Christofferson

Friend to Friend: Neil L. Andersen


*NEW * Learning Pages about our newest apostle: Neil L. Andersen


Just for Fun

If you want a little laugh, check out this catchy tune about the Apostles.


For a FREE video learning sheet that accompanies this video, click here.

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