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I was a stranger and ye took me in

This Christmas season, you can help support a refugee with your purchase of any Discover the Scriptures product. During the month of December 100% of all sales will be used to support Tao Tao, a beautiful young lady from mainland China who has formally begun the complex process of requesting religious asylum in the United States so she can continue to participate in the blessings of the restored gospel. She was introduced to the restored gospel in China, was baptized in Hong Kong, and is now living in the United States, where she recently experienced the blessing of attending the temple for the first time. As she works through the long religious refugee process, Tao Tao has been accepted to enroll in an English Language program beginning in January, where she will study English and prepare for an undergraduate program. In her new city, Tao Tao will be able to attend a ward for Mandarin speakers, where she can continue to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ in her own language. As a first generation college student living in a foreign country without family assistance or the availability of traditional scholarships or financial aid, meeting the full cost of her living expenses and tuition will be a stretch. Tao Tao has worked hard for several years to save money to begin her goal of earning a college degree and now the opportunity has been made available to her. You can help! 100% of your Discover the Scriptures purchases during December will go directly to support Tao Tao's college education.


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Discover the Scriptures with Your Family

Do you need some inspiration to get your family interested in the Book of Mormon or Bible? Do you want to study the New Testament with your family this year? You've come to the right place. Our goal is to help kids (and their families) discover and learn from the great heroes of the scriptures. Our workbooks help children explore stories and doctrine from the Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, and LDS Church History. LDS homeschool families and others wanting to help their children discover the scriptures will love our products.


All of our workbooks feature high quality materials with Memory Verses, beautiful artwork, scripture reading assignments, questions, puzzles, charts, timelines, and more. They make a perfect add-on to your homeschool curriculum for LDS kids!


Many families also use our workbooks for Family Scripture Study or Family Home Evening.


Discover the Scriptures workbooks come ready-to-print as an instant download so that you can print as many copies as you want for your entire family. This helps make Discover the Scriptures an affordable option for families and homeschoolers. Simply print off the lessons you are currently working on and you are ready to go!


“Each of us, at some time in our lives, must discover the scriptures for ourselves—and not just discover them once, but rediscover them again and again” (Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, Sept. 1976, p. 4).


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What Our Customers Say About Our Products

Discover the Book of Mormon"Thank you so much for creating and providing this to our children. Just the other day we invited several other families to come over our house to view a movie. I overheard a conversation between one of my sons and another child. The boy was telling my son that he was so smart because he always has all of the answers in Sunday school. I looked at my wife surprised. I later told her that I guess all the hard work has paid off." --Sean, father of two


"My nine-year-old son now loves the Book of Mormon and has become intimately familiar with its heroes and stories, all as a result of your Discover the Book of Mormon CD. We tell all of our friends about your products and everyone who has ordered it loves it too." --Sheryl, mother of a nine-year-old


"Your curriculum is priceless treasure!" -- Lori, Homeschool mother of 5


"We bought the Old Testament book and my kids have just LOVED it!!! I would like to get the Book of Mormon book next. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 for 23 years and have a degree in early childhood education and I have to say I HIGHLY recommened this product!!" --Connie, Homeschool mom and educator


Homeschool Mom Review

Discover the Scriptures Review"My whole family loves Discover the Latter-Day Prophets! It has enriched our history studies while strengthening our testimony of prophets. We learn about these men who God prepared throughout their lives for the sacred calling they would hold, and best of all, the work and research was all done for me. » Read the full review


LDS Perspective on the Bible

Discover the Scriptures Review"I had a few really great curriculum items fall into my lap, but they still didn't have the LDS background I was looking for…I searched a little bit harder and I found a true treasure! I should also note that in the Creation part of the course (DIscover the Old Testament), the story is told not only from the perspective of Genesis, but also through the Pearl of Great Price. I think this makes it truly special, as it is definitely unique to the LDS community and the beliefs we hold." --Brenda E. » Read the full review


Improved Reading & Writing

Discover the Scriptures Review"My kids have LOVED [Discover the Scriptures] and so have I. They have already memorized 3 scriptures in 2 weeks. We draw pictures, play games, and talk about how the stories apply to our lives. They don’t whine to leave the table and it has also helped improve their reading skills, writing skills and coloring skills...The price is great, the product is wonderful. I am very excited to use this company to help me teach my kids and strengthen their testimony of the scriptures! It is perfect for Homeschooling Families, Scripture Study and Family Home Evening. Also the primary theme for next year is I know the Scriptures are True, and this would be a great gift to give your kids to start off the year. As they get older they could definitely do it on their own. I am so excited to get through the Book of Mormon, and go on to do the other ones. They all look excellent!" » Read the full review


Thankful to Find It!

Discover the Scriptures Review"I cannot remember how I came across this product [Discover the Book of Mormon], but I am so thankful I did! I have been using this with my two oldest children and I absolutely love it. In addition to providing a way to study the scriptures, this “curriculum” also provides the kids with handwriting practice, memory verses, vocabulary and reading. One of the best parts about this program is that it arrives in PDF format on CD-Rom. You are able to print as many copies as you need for your own family. This really saves me money. I like that! The author has really out done herself with this program. I am looking forward to moving the kids on to the next level and also using her other programs." » Read the full review


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Discover Christmas will help your family put Christ at the center of your Christmas celebration. It will take your family on an adventure through the symbols and customs of Christmas, teaching you the meaning behind the symbols to help you focus your celebration on Christ.



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